F.A.Q. list on admissions

F.A.Q. list on admissions

Check on this page a list of the most asked questions on admission, procedures & requirements.

If you cannot find a suitable answer, please ask the International Office.

I’m an extra-UE student. Can I apply for the entrance exam on the Conservatoire’s website?

Extra-UE students may submit their application directly via the Conservatoire’s website (SIA) only in case they do not need a VISA.
If you need a VISA you must pre-enroll via the UNIVERSITALY portal.

Is it still possible to send a video for the entry audition?

No. Admission exams for a.y. 2022/23 will take place in presence, with the exception of the Italian Language test and the theoretical test of musical culture, that will be organized on line.

I want to apply for the entrance exam as an extra-UE student and I need a VISA. What shall I do?

Extra-UE students who need a VISA must pre-enroll via the UNIVERSITALY system only.

I have applied via UNIVERSITALY. What happens next?

When you apply via UNIVERSITALY, the Conservatoire will evaluate your application and all relevant attached documents. If everything is correct, the Conservatoire validates the application and both the student and the Embassy will receive a notification. In case of missing documents and/or information the student will be asked for integration. After successful notification, the student may go to the Italian Consulate or Embassy and take the following steps in order to apply for the visa. The Conservatoire will send an e-mail to every applicant with information on the payment of the admission fees and other details concerning the application process.

I have a study VISA for the entry exam. Shall I go back to my country in order to have a new VISA?

With a valid university study VISA you may enter the Italian territory in order to take the admission exam. Usually the VISA is valid for one year and in case of admission it can be renewed in Italy.

When can I apply on the UNIVERSITALY portal?

UNIVERSITALY is open for pre-enrolment from March 15 2022. Application will be processed until April 30. Application after Apriul 30 will be discarded.

I am an EU student. Where shall I apply?

EU students may apply directly to the Conservatoire via the on-line application service.

Which are the deadlines for the application?

Please check the calendar page.

How much do I pay for the entrance exam?

The entry exam fee is € 50,00 + € 6,04.

Note: An extra charge of € 50,00 is applicable to foreign students who must take the Italian Language test.

Information on how to pay the entry exam fee is here

Where do I find the entry exam programs?

The entry exam programs for all levels are available at the bottom of this page

I’m a foreign student, however I don’t know if I can submit directly my application.

Check here whether you can submit directly your application or you need to pre-enroll.

What’s the meaning of pre-enrollment?

Pre-enrolment is the procedure applicable to extra-UE students who wish to register for the admission exam and obtain the required entry VISA at the same time. These students must apply via the UNIVERSITALY portal, dedicated to pre-enrollment to all Italian Higher Education Institutions.

How much do I pay for tuition?

Tuition fees per academic year are calculated according to programs, courses, student conditions and citizenship. Please check the tuition fees page.

Which are the required documents for the application?

During the application procedure please keep ready for upload:
– Receipt of payment for the entry exam fees
– A recent pic
– Copy of your identity document: passport or identity card (EU-citizens)
– Study qualifications: for detailed infos on these please check the study qualifications page.

What happens if I my study qualifications are incomplete or unavailable?

If for any reasons your study qualifications are not yet available at the moment of the application to the entry exams (because, for instance, you must still take the final exam) please attach a certificate of attendance from your current School and a statement with a clear motivation. In this case the Conservatoire will accept the application under condition to submit the required qualifications within July.

What happens if I cannot get the study VISA in due time?

If you have applied on Universitaly, the Authorities will work at their best to process your application in order to issue your Visa in due time, however a delay is possible. In this case, you might to apply for a tourist Visa in order to take the entry exam in June and collect your study Visa once you get back to your Country.

Is there an age limit for admissions?

Access to Bachelor and Postgraduate studies is without age limits.
For preparatory (foundation) courses, foreign students must be at least 18.

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