Study qualifications & certificates for the entry exam

Study qualifications & certificates for the entry exam

During the application process you are asked to attach your study qualifications.
Please carefully read below for more information on required documents.

if you are a foreign student
holding Italian qualifications

Please attach all your musical qualifications and fill in the self-declaration.

The following Italian qualifications can be self-certified

1) pre-academic certifications issued by the Milan Conservatory

2) licences of the pre-reform system issued by an Italian Conservatoire in

a) Theory, Solfege and musical dictation;
b) History of Music;
c) Complementary piano (three years for instrumentalists; four years for singers and percussionists;
d) Complementary Harmony (two years);
e) Score reading

3) Pre-reform Diploma

4) Diploma accademico di primo o secondo livello (Bachelor / Postgraduate Diploma)

Please download, fill in and submit the self-certification form here.

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if you are a foreign student
holding foreign qualifications

According to the chosen program (bachelor or master) and the requirements, please attach:

a) the “Dichiarazione di Valore” (DV) of your secondary school (High School) qualification, if you apply for a bachelor program;

b) your bachelor Diploma Supplement (DS) if you apply for a master program.


According to the European Regulations the issue of the DS is a standard of every EU Higher Education Institution. Please ask information to your Registrar.
The DS is issued only for Higher Education degrees (bachelor or master).

Alternatively you may submit the “Dichiarazione di Valore in loco” (DV) relevant to your degree and issued by your local Italian Embassy/Consulate.
Obtaining a DV is a more complex process and might take longer.

What is the diploma supplement?

What is the Dichiarazione di Valore in loco?

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