Conservatorio di Milano

Study Programs

Degree Programs

The Milan Conservatoire offers two academic degree programs: the “Diploma accademico di primo livello” and the “Diploma accademico di secondo livello”

Diploma accademico
di primo livello (triennio)

This program is equivalent to a Bachelor (ISCED 6, according to the International Standard Classification of Education). This program lasts three academic years (six semesters, 180 credits).


The credits system of the Milan Conservatoire is based on the ECTS standards.

Diploma accademico
di secondo livello (biennio)

This program is equivalent to a Master (ISCED 7, International Standard Classification of Education) and lasts two academic years (four semesters, 120 credits).

Corso singolo

Single courses offer the possibility to attend a single academic course of the Bachelor (= corso singolo di primo livello) or the Master Program (= corso singolo di secondo livello).
Depending on the level and instrument, requirements for admission are the same of the Bachelor or the Master.

Course Catalogues

The catalogues provide information on:

  • admission exam programs
  • study plans
  • subjects & credits