Extra-UE applicants needing a visa

Extra-UE applicants needing a visa

If you are an Extra-UE student and you need a visa, you must apply for pre-enrolment.

This procedure is valid for any Italian Higher Education Institution.

Pre-enrolment is only used to obtain a visa and must be carried out exclusively through the UNIVERSITALY portal.

This procedure applies also to Chinese students of the Turandot program. In this case, the pre-enrollment is valid for the subsequent academic year.

After submitting the application, the Institution will evaluate your request and the submitted documents.

In case some documents are missing or incomplete or your application cannot be accepted you will receive an email asking for more information or explaining the reasons for rejection.

In case of a positive assessment the Italian Embassy / Consulate will be automatically notified and after the due checks the visa procedure will go ahead.

If you don’t know whether you need a visa, you may find more information here.

Students applying for pre-enrolment must not submit their application directly to the Institution under penalty of rejection.
Applications will be automatically registered on the successful completion of the pre-enrollment procedure.
Please check the admissions calendar (–>link) and also make sure to pay the admission exams fees (–>link) in due time.