On line Application

On line Application

If you wish to come to our Conservatoire as an Erasmus+ student, you must complete the on-line form via our web-application.

The deadline for submission is April 30th 2024, for both semesters as well as for the full academic year. Please note:

  • this form is intended for Erasmus/International Exchange Students only. If you wish to apply as a regular full-time student, please do not use this form, as the application will be automatically discarded;
  • we do not share the Easy Mobility-Online Platform: applications submitted via Easy Mobility-Online have to be submitted via our web system as well;
  • we aim to inform everyone about the application results within 6 weeks after the deadline;
  • any application for the second semester 2024-25 might also be accepted beyond the deadline, but exclusively based on the places that remain available;
  • on completion of the procedure, a copy of the application resumé will be sent to your coordinator as well. Please ask your International Office to sign it, and to send it back to our International Office via e_mail, to confirm that you are eligible. Your application will be processed only after receiving the confirmation from your International Office.

Please read carefully the following instructions before going to the application form and keep the following files ready for upload (WARNING: Uploads must not exceed 10MB in size all together):

  • a Videorecording (uploaded on max 3 URLs)
  • a Learning Agreement validated by your International Office/Responsible Person
  • a recent Transcript of Records
  • a Curriculum Vitae
  • a Letter of Motivation
  • a recent Pic of yourself

Learning agreement and courses
The Learning Agreement, signed by the Student and the Responsible Person, is to be considered a draft at this step; following the successful outcome of the application and student’s confirmation, the LA will be discussed, uploaded and approved via OLA-EWP (in attachment you can see a draft with useful info: in yellow the choices to be customized, in green the fixed information).
At this step it is possible to upload the Learning Agreement (in any case signed by the Student and the Responsible Person), in 2 ways: by filling out the attached template or by downloading the pdf file already from OLA-EWP.
Please note:

  • the subject “Prassi esecutive e repertori” (i.e. Main Subject) is annual: in case of semester mobility, it will be considered for half the hours, program and credits;
  • at the time of application, the student has not to flag the course of study attended in the current a.y. 2023-24 (eg Bachelor 3), but the one that will be attended in the a.y. 2024-25 (eg Master 1);
  • The standard language of tuition for group lessons, especially theoretical lessons, is Italian. One-to-one courses may be held in English. Indeed, Italian language courses for Erasmus students will be available;
  • Receiving Institution Data for Learning Agreement:
    • Country: Italy
    • Name: Conservatorio di Musica “G. Verdi”, Milano
    • Address: Milano / Milan
    • Erasmus Code: I MILANO09
    • Receiving Responsible Person: Massimiliano Baggio, Director; Email direttore@consmilano.it Phone number +39 02 762110200
    • Receiving Contact Person: Riccardo Ceni, Erasmus+ Coordinator, Email erasmus@consmilano.it Phone number: +39 02 762110221

For more information please visit the following websites:

Video recording
Please note that the video recording:

  • provides program of at least 20’ (max. 3 links to upload);
  • may also be made with non-professional tools, but it doesn’t include cuts, overdubs, editing, filters, audio effects or any post-production;
  • must include, as far as possible, a clear view of the candidate performing (for example: face and hands should be clearly visible while performing on the instrument; for pianists the video camera should, if possible, be placed at the top right of the performer);
  • is uploaded to a reliable website that allows viewing in streaming (no download), e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Specific rules for non-instrumentalists’ video recordings:
  • @orchestra conductors, a video recording with at least two conducting rehearsals;
  • @choir conductors, a video recording with at least two conducting rehearsals and possibly at least two compositions for choir, originals or stylistic elaborations;
  • @composers, at least two scores of their own works and possible recordings;
  • @electroacoustic composers, at least two samples of projects/elaborations/compositions.

Please check results of your application on the Application Status. In case your application is successful, please access your application form, click on the edit link and update your application with your confirmation.

Riccardo Ceni Erasmus+ Coordinator
Domenica Giannone Erasmus+ Working Group
Luisa Prayer Erasmus+ Working Group
Andrea Burro Collaborator, IR Officer
Roberto de Thierry Assistant, IR Officer

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