What is the ISEE?

What is the ISEE?

The ISEE is the indicator of the equivalent economic situation that allows to assess the economic condition of families in the Italian Republic. 

It is an indicator that takes into account income, assets ( movable and real estate ) and the characteristics of a family unit (by number and type).

The certificate containing the ISEE indicator allows citizens to access social benefits or public utility services at favorable conditions.

Where can I get the ISEE certificate?

Students belonging to a family unit with a tax domicile in Italy can obtain the ISEE certificate through the I.N.P.S. portal.

Foreign students, or Italian students with a tax domicile in an UE country can obtain the ISEE certificate on the basis of the documents validated by the local Italian Embassy/Consulate at any CAF service.

Check your nearest CAF service here

Do I need to submit an ISEE certificate every year?

If you wish your tuition fees to be calculated according to your ISEE, you must submit an ISEE certificate at the registration to the first academic year and to the following years.
The ISEE certificate is valid until 31st December of the same year of issue.

I am an independent student: can I submit
an ISEE based on my own income?

Independent students may submit their own ISEE.

According to the Law, the independent student status occurs when both the following conditions are met:

  1. residence, resulting from the personal data, outside the housing unit of the family of origin, established for at least 2 years with respect to the date of the ISEE certificate and in a building not owned by a member of the family of origin;

  2. own income deriving from dependent or similar work, not employed by a family member, regularly declared in 2018 and in 2019, not less than € 6,500.00 for each year. In the case of a married student, the minimum income requirement is assessed including the income of the spouse, therefore, in the presence of the other requirements, the student may request the University ISEE certificate referring to their family unit.