The library of the Milan Conservatory is a university library specialized in the music and musicological sector, an essential support for teaching and learning as well as a research partner for students and teachers

The Library holds over 500,000 bibliographic units, of which about 50,000 manuscripts and 30,000 volumes of musical topics, as well as about 400 musical periodicals.

A heritage of musical culture that the Conservatory itself has contributed to increase, for the artistic life of Milan and Italy, thanks to its students, teachers, performers, musicians, composers and scholars trained in its classrooms.

The works and creativity with which they have explored the infinite musical worlds are revived today in the collections of the Library, and characterize the diversity of musical inspiration linked to the art of sounds.

Music is reborn on the shelves of the Library, with scores and volumes available for consultation and study through the OPAC, for musicians and researchers in Italy and around the world. Not only. The Conservatory’s main mission, to teach and transmit music, makes the Library an essential tool for students during their education.


The Library is located inside the Conservatoire, on the ground floor, and is open from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 16.00

The library offers students, teachers and researchers:

  • a large reading room (with the volumes arranged on an open shelf),
  • a small rehearsal room,
  • a conference room
  • a space for copy machines and the card catalog (which we are progressively digitizing ).

In the entrance hall of the Library, opposite to the counter for the distribution of bibliographic resources, some PCs are available for users to search the online catalog.
Next to the distribution counter is located the reference office (bibliographic information and research assistance).


Biblioteca del Conservatorio 
Giuseppe Verdi
Via Conservatorio, 12
20122 – Milano

Tel. 02 762110 219

General inquiries:

Loans, copies, research etc:


Prof. Gianni Fidanza,
Head Librarian
Tel. 02 762110 239

Dr. Marta Crippa
Collaborating Librarian
Tel. 02 762110 242