Why study with us

Why study with us

Training and educational offer

The Verdi in Milan is not only “a school”, but it is the place where music becomes a profession, the place where young students are called to to confront themselves with their colleagues and the audience.

The Milan Conservatory is in fact a 360 ° production body, capable of offering  a wide range of events, which are the result of its daily life, of the work that teachers and students carry out together every year.

Our educational offer is absolutely full of ideas for everyone, with 61 bachelor degree courses and 59 postgraduate programs.

Production and professional world

The Milan Conservatory of Music  trains young talents who enter immediately the professional world.

Our Production Unit of the Conservatory, invites students to perform alone or in chamber and orchestral formations  for public concerts, which often see the involvement of well-known teachers and musicians and in cooperation  with the major Milanese concert seasons / festivals. 

The outcome of this work consists in more than 200 annual public productions.


The Milan Conservatory has its own Symphony Orchestra, entirely made up of students, directed by names such as  Tito Ceccherini, Daniele Gatti, Gianandrea Noseda, Corrado Rovaris, Daniele Rustioni, Yoichi Sugiyama, Michele Gamba, all former students of the “Verdi” of Milan.

Together with the Conservatory Jazz Orchestra, the VJO-Verdi Jazz Orchestra, both orchestras are engaged in concerts in the Verdi Hall of the Conservatory, (1420 seats) and considered one of the best auditoriums in Europe for its acoustics, as well as off-site, in prestigious theatres, concert halls, and nationally relevant festivals.

Composition and Conducting

The production offer is also enriched with the spaces reserved for composition students of the Milan Conservatory, who are unique in having the opportunity to hear their pieces performed by professional ensembles and orchestras. 

Specifically, all the academic composition exams, (both bachelor and master), end with the performance of the pieces by professional ensembles; the final essay of the postgraduate program, a composition for large orchestra, is performed by the LaVerdi Symphony Orchestra of Milan.

Similarly, the Conducting program includes at least 14 rehearsals with the LaVerdi Symphony Orchestra of Milan; the course of choir conducting includes 9 sessions with a professional choir.

Care and well-being

In addition to the production activities, which place the students of the Milan Conservatory at the center of the stage, one of the objectives that the Milan Conservatory has set itself is the care and well-being of its students.

A physiotherapy studio is open and active in the Conservatory and as of the A.Y. 2017/2018, a path dedicated to the well-being of the musician  has been activated (Far musica e star bene), with the participation of teachers of the Conservatory who are particularly attentive to this topic and experts on the subject, together with external specialists.

Master classes

Many well-known professors ad artists are holding Master classes and Seminars at the Milan Conservatory for a total of more than 30 annual appointments dedicated to various instruments, composition, electronic music, musicology.

Prizes & Sholarships

Last but not least, there are many investors who bet on the talents that grow at the Milan Conservatory: every year the Conservatory Prize is organized specifically for them. This competition awards prizes by the Conservatory as well as by various donors. The best graduates receive the Rancati Award Mention which is awarded annually; Scholarships for the Right to Education and Scholarships for foreign students are also available.

Famous Alumni

Among the excellent graduates of the Verdi in Milan: Arrigo Boito and Amilcare Ponchielli; Luciano Berio, Bruno Bettinelli, Franco Donatoni; Claudio Abbado and Riccardo Muti, Gianandrea Noseda and Daniele Gatti; Giuditta Pasta, Giuseppina Strepponi and… Barbara Frittoli; Giorgio Gaslini and Enzo Jannacci; Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Maurizio Pollini; Luciano e Riccardo Chailly and…