Language requirements

Language requirements

The Italian Language requirement for foreign applicants is a B2 level, according to the CEFR Levels.
To access the admission tests to the bachelor and master degrees of the Milan Conservatory, foreign students must first pass an Italian language test.
The test is unique for all courses of the Bachelor and Master program.

What is the Italian language test for?

The test proves the foreign student’s knowledge of the Italian language corresponding to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), as well as knowledge of the main Italian musical lexicon

Who must take the test?

All foreign applicants must take the Italian language test:
– UE and non-UE foreign students;
– Chinese students of the Turandot program;
– transferring (incoming) foreign students.

When does the test take place?

For admissions to academic year 2021/22, the test will take place online and will be organized by the Milan Italian School of the Società Dante Alighieri.
26/8/21 – Written test
27 – 31/8/21 – Speaking test.

What if I miss or fail the test?

Failure to take and / or pass the Italian language test will prevent students from accessing the admission tests of the chosen study course, also with reference to transferring (incoming) students and Turandot students.

How is the test evaluated?

The test will be organized and assessed by the Milan Italian School of the Società Dante Alighieri.
The test is passed with a score corresponding to B2 level.
Students obtaining a score below B1 level will be immediately dismissed without any further musical test.
Students obtaining a score between a B1 and a B2 level, in case of admission, will attend a compulsory reinforcement course organized by the Milan Conservatoire with a final test in June.
Students may not take any exams until the final test
Failure to attend the course and / or pass the test, even in presence of a B2 certificate, will prevent students from taking further exams.

Requirements for exemption

Applicants for admission to first and second level academic courses who hold the following qualifications may be exempted from the Italian language test and admitted directly to the music tests:

– High school diploma, after a study period of at least four or five years, obtained in Italian State and peer schools abroad or in possession of final qualifications issued by the schools listed on the MIUR website http: //
– Diploma of Italian Language and Culture obtained at the University for Foreigners of Perugia and Siena;
– C1 and C2 certificates obtained at the University for Foreigners of Perugia, University for Foreigners of Siena, Roma Tre University and Dante Alighieri Society also in agreement with Italian Cultural Institutes abroad or other subjects.

The following certificates, also obtained in agreement with the Italian Cultural Institutes abroad or other subjects, are valid for exemption as well:

– CELI3 (University for foreigners of Perugia)
– CILS2 (University for foreigners of Siena)
– B2 int.IT (Roma Tre University)
– PLIDA B2 (Dante Alighieri Society)

Apply for exemption (deadline: 31 July)

Students requesting exemption from the Italian language test must send the appropriate certificate (see requirements for exemption), no later than 31 July, only by submitting the following form:

Certificates received beyond the deadline will under no circumstances be considered.

In the event of a favorable assessment, candidates will be notified about the exemption by 10 August
Students exempted from the test may access directly the instrumental tests.