Video Recording Specifications

Video Recording Specifications

Please closely stick to the following regulation on preparing and submitting your video for the admission exam.

The audio-video recording(**)

A) can be realized with non-professional tools, however it must not include cuts, overdubs, editing, filters, audio effects or any post production;

B) if the exam program exceeds 30 minutes, the candidate may, at his choice, split the performance into a maximum of n. 3 parts and, consequently, in a maximum of n. 3 files; ·

C) performers must declare their name and surname at the beginning of the shoot and show an identity document in the camera; a pdf with the program performed must be also attached in the submission form;

D) the audio-video recording must (as far as possible) allow a clear vision of both the candidate’s face and the hands playing on the instrument;

E) in the case of the Piano the canera must, if possible, be placed at the top right of the performer.

Once the exam program has been recorded, the related videos must be uploaded on any site that allows viewing in streaming (no download) – for example: youtube, google drive, vimeo, etc. In the aforementioned submission forms, only the links through which the panel can view the videos must be indicated (it is not possible to attach the video itself).


(**) Admission to the Composition programs requires the submission of scores instead of videos